DTT Removals Essential Checklist For Moving House

From 6 Weeks Until Moving Day!

Moving house has traditionally been seen as a stressful experience, but it doesn’t need to be like that. Organisation is the key.  As moving is something you’re probably not doing every week, it can be easy to forget what you need to do. This is why we have devised our Essential Checklist For Moving House which you can also print and tick off each task as you get closer to moving day.

We have created a full checklist for moving house starting from 6 weeks before your moving day right up till moving. The checklist will guide you through key stages of preparing to move showing you when and where to complete each item on the list. You will easily be able to see what you need to do, anything you’ve missed and how to prepare for the removal company.

You can also read our DTT Essential Moving House Guide and also our DTT Packing Guide.

  • 6 Weeks


    At 6 Weeks Before Moving Day

    1. Find out the exact date you will be moving.  ▢

    2. If you live in a rented property, be sure to inform your landlord and estate agent.  ▢

    3. Book time off from work or organise someone to cover for you.  ▢

    4. Book your professional removals company, check they have insurance and are fully accredited. (DTT provide a free quote)  ▢

    5. Do you need to store anything? Be sure to book a storage unit now.  ▢

    6. Inform all utility companies you are moving and ask them to send you the final bill.  ▢

    7. Go through your things. Put them into 4 piles – “Keep” “Sell” “Charity Shop” “Bin”.  ▢

    8. Getting new furniture, carpets etc for the new house? Be sure they will be sent to the new house and are there for when you move in.  ▢

  • 4 Weeks


    At 4 Weeks Before Moving Day

    1. Let your bank and other companies know about your change of address. ▢

    2. If you have pets, they may benefit from being booked into a kennel when moving out and moving in. ▢

    3. Inform your doctor, dentist or hospital about your move. Or if you are moving area, register with new ones. ▢

    4. Inform your child’s school you will be moving. If they are leaving for a new school be sure to inform them of the date they will be leaving. ▢

    5. Register your new address with your mobile phone provider. You don’t want to be cut off! ▢

    6. Inform the council so that you are correctly registered on the electoral role. ▢

  • 2 Weeks


    At 2 Weeks Before Moving Day

    1. Finalise and check all arrangements are in place with your removals company. ▢

    2. Arrange for the forwarding of your post with Royal Mail. ▢

    3. If you use a milkman or get a newspaper delivered, inform them you will be moving. ▢

    4. Get some new address cards made to send to family and friends. ▢

    5. Get all non-essential items packed up, this includes clothes not in use, books, files etc. ▢

    6. Be sure to arrange a time to pick up the keys to your new property. Also arrange to get copies made for any family members who need them. ▢

  • 1 Week


    At 1 Week Before Moving Day

    1. Move your TV license to your new address, you don’t want to incur a fine! ▢

    2. Get your electric and gas companies final notice. If you are staying with the companies in your new property be sure to inform them and transfer anything over. ▢

    3. Inform the removals company of any large items or pieces of furniture that need to be removed if you have not yet. If you are getting rid of large items, be sure to ask if they can accommodate this and dispose of them legally.  ▢

    4. Return any borrowed items. ▢

  • 3 Days


    At 3 Days Before Moving Day

    1. Be sure to have a small bag of essentials for each member of the family prepared for the day of the move, including clothes, toothbrush, a drink, sandwich etc. ▢

    2. Speak to your estate agent or the new property owner about where to leave your old set of keys. ▢

    3. Keep your laundry to a minimum or try and get it all done before moving. Some moving companies also provide temporary wardrobes which can save a lot of hassle. ▢

    4. Check parking restrictions at your new home and inform your removals company if there are any. If you need to arrange for parking with your local council then Google “Parking Dispensation + The area you are moving to”  ▢

  • 2 Days


    At 2 Days Before Moving Day

    1. Prepare your fridge and freezer by clearing it out and defrosting it so that it is ready to be moved. ▢

    2. Empty your kitchen cupboards and pack up everything you will be taking. Anything you are not taking, consider donating it to a local food bank or charity. ▢

    3. Put together a folder of all essential documents you will need for moving day, this might be directions for you and the moving company, house documents etc. Keep this in a dry and safe place! ▢

  • 1 Day


    At 1 Day Before Moving Day

    1. Now is the time to finish all your packing unless your removal company has already done so. DTT provide a packing service  ▢

    2. Charge your mobile phone, or have a portable charger with you – you might need it on the day. ▢

    3. Be sure to know the route to your new home. You can print out a map and instructions on Google Maps or use phone apps such as Waze. ▢

    4. Unplug all and disconnect all appliances and move them away from the walls. This will make it easier and quicker for the removals company. ▢

  • Moving Day!


    Loading & Unloading

    1. Final check of the house. Be sure you haven’t left anything and all lights are off. ▢

    2. Allow your removal company to do any heavy lifting as they are insured and you are not. You don’t want to have an accident and be off work because of it! ▢

    3. Set off on your way to your new home. ▢

    4. When you get to the new home, take a moment to go inside and choose which rooms will be which, then inform the removal people what furniture should go into which rooms. ▢

    5. Find a convenient place for the removals van to park, do not block traffic or your neighbours unless you have asked them for permission. ▢

    6. Once you think you are finished, check the truck to ensure nothing small is still in there. ▢

Alternatively, If You Want A Professional House Removals Company Speak To Us

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